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Interface CollectionAggregationOptions


  • CollectionAggregationOptions



Optional allowDiskUse

allowDiskUse: boolean

allowDiskUse lets the server know if it can use disk to store temporary results for the aggregation (requires mongodb 2.6 >).

Optional bypassDocumentValidation

bypassDocumentValidation: boolean

Allow driver to bypass schema validation in MongoDB 3.2 or higher.

Optional cursor

cursor: object

Return the query as cursor, on 2.6 > it returns as a real cursor on pre 2.6 it returns as an emulated cursor.

Type declaration

  • batchSize: number

Optional explain

explain: boolean

Explain returns the aggregation execution plan (requires mongodb 2.6 >).

Optional maxTimeMS

maxTimeMS: boolean

maxTimeMS specifies a cumulative time limit in milliseconds for processing operations on the cursor. MongoDB interrupts the operation at the earliest following interrupt point.

Optional readPreference

readPreference: ReadPreference | string

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