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Interface EntitySchemaIndexOptions


  • EntitySchemaIndexOptions



Optional columns

columns: function | string[]

Index column names.

Optional fulltext

fulltext: boolean

The FULLTEXT modifier indexes the entire column and does not allow prefixing. Works only in MySQL.

Optional name

name: string

Index name.

Optional sparse

sparse: boolean

If true, the index only references documents with the specified field. These indexes use less space but behave differently in some situations (particularly sorts). This option is only supported for mongodb database.

Optional spatial

spatial: boolean

The SPATIAL modifier indexes the entire column and does not allow indexed columns to contain NULL values. Works only in MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Optional synchronize

synchronize: boolean

Indicates if index must sync with database index.

Optional unique

unique: boolean

Indicates if this index must be unique or not.

Optional where

where: string

Index filter condition.

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