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Interface GeoNearOptions


  • GeoNearOptions



Optional distanceMultiplier

distanceMultiplier: number

Include a value to multiply the distances with allowing for range conversions.

Optional includeLocs

includeLocs: boolean

Include the location data fields in the top level of the results MongoDB > 2.X.

Optional maxDistance

maxDistance: number

Include results up to maxDistance from the point.

Optional minDistance

minDistance: number

Include results starting at minDistance from a point (2.6 or higher).

Optional num

num: number

Max number of results to return.

Optional query

query: Object

Filter the results by a query.

Optional readPreference

readPreference: ReadPreference | string

The preferred read preference (ReadPreference.PRIMARY, ReadPreference.PRIMARY_PREFERRED, ReadPreference.SECONDARY, ReadPreference.SECONDARY_PREFERRED, ReadPreference.NEAREST).

Optional spherical

spherical: boolean

Perform query using a spherical model.

Optional uniqueDocs

uniqueDocs: boolean

The closest location in a document to the center of the search region will always be returned MongoDB > 2.X.

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