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Interface MapReduceOptions


  • MapReduceOptions



Optional bypassDocumentValidation

bypassDocumentValidation: boolean

Allow driver to bypass schema validation in MongoDB 3.2 or higher.

Optional finalize

finalize: Function | string

Finalize function.

Optional jsMode

jsMode: boolean

It is possible to make the execution stay in JS. Provided in MongoDB > 2.0.X.

Optional keeptemp

keeptemp: boolean

Keep temporary data.

Optional limit

limit: number

Number of objects to return from collection.

Optional out

out: Object

Sets the output target for the map reduce job. {inline:1} | {replace:'collectionName'} | {merge:'collectionName'} | {reduce:'collectionName'}.

Optional query

query: Object

Query filter object.

Optional readPreference

readPreference: ReadPreference | string

The preferred read preference (ReadPreference.PRIMARY, ReadPreference.PRIMARY_PREFERRED, ReadPreference.SECONDARY, ReadPreference.SECONDARY_PREFERRED, ReadPreference.NEAREST).

Optional scope

scope: Object

Can pass in variables that can be access from map/reduce/finalize.

Optional sort

sort: Object

Sorts the input objects using this key. Useful for optimization, like sorting by the emit key for fewer reduces.

Optional verbose

verbose: boolean

Provide statistics on job execution time.

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