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Interface MongoClientOptions


  • MongoClientOptions



Optional db

A hash of options to set on the db object, see Db constructor.

Optional mongos

A hash of options to set on the mongos object, see Mongos constructor**.

Optional poolSize

poolSize: number

The maximum size of the individual server pool.

Optional promiseLibrary

promiseLibrary: Object

A Promise library class the application wishes to use such as Bluebird, must be ES6 compatible.

Optional replSet

A hash of options to set on the replSet object, see ReplSet constructor**.

Optional server

A hash of options to set on the server objects, see Server constructor**.

Optional ssl

ssl: boolean

Enable SSL connection.

Optional sslCA

sslCA: Buffer

SSL Certificate store binary buffer.

Optional uri_decode_auth

uri_decode_auth: boolean

Uri decode the user name and password for authentication.

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