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Interface SaveOptions

Special options passed to Repository#save, Repository#insert and Repository#update methods.


  • SaveOptions



Optional chunk

chunk: number

Breaks save execution into given number of chunks. For example, if you want to save 100.000 objects but you have issues with saving them, you can break them into 10 groups of 10.000 objects (by setting { chunk: 10 }) and save each group separately. This option is needed to perform very big insertions when you have issues with underlying driver parameter number limitation.

Optional data

data: any

Additional data to be passed with persist method. This data can be used in subscribers then.

Optional listeners

listeners: boolean

Indicates if listeners and subscribers are called for this operation. By default they are enabled, you can disable them by setting { listeners: false } in save/remove options.

Optional reload

reload: boolean

Flag to determine whether the entity that is being persisted should be reloaded during the persistence operation.

It will work only on databases which does not support RETURNING / OUTPUT statement. Enabled by default.

Optional transaction

transaction: boolean

By default transactions are enabled and all queries in persistence operation are wrapped into the transaction. You can disable this behaviour by setting { transaction: false } in the persistence options.

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