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Interface TableMetadataArgs

Arguments for TableMetadata class, helps to construct an TableMetadata object.


  • TableMetadataArgs



Optional database

database: string

Database name. Used in MySql and Sql Server.

Optional engine

engine: string

Table's database engine type (like "InnoDB", "MyISAM", etc).

Optional expression

expression: string | function

View expression.

Optional name

name: string

Table's name. If name is not set then table's name will be generated from target's name.

Optional orderBy

orderBy: OrderByCondition | function

Specifies a default order by used for queries from this table when no explicit order by is specified.

Optional schema

schema: string

Schema name. Used in Postgres and Sql Server.

Optional synchronize

synchronize: boolean

Indicates if schema synchronization is enabled or disabled for this entity. If it will be set to false then schema sync will and migrations ignore this entity. By default schema synchronization is enabled for all entities.


target: Function | string

Class to which table is applied. Function target is a table defined in the class. String target is a table defined in a json schema.


type: TableType

Table type. Tables can be abstract, closure, junction, embedded, etc.

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